Our weekly event schedule is:

Wednesday: FATE RPG campaign.  Entry $2.  Space is limited, please RSVP via email.  Begins January 10th.
Thursday: Open Board Games, free entry, begins 6:00pm
Friday: Friday Night Magic Magic Booster Draft, $15, begins 6:30pm
Friday: Star Wars RPG.  $2 entry, begins 5:00pm.  Space is limited – please RSVP through the Facebook event or via email.
Saturday: Magic Standard tournament at 1pm, $5 entry.  Does not happen on Prerelease or Draft Weekend weekends (see below).  During the Standard Showdown season, this is our Standard Showdown event.
Sunday: D&D, $2 entry, begins 2:00pm

Upcoming Special Events

X-Wing Kit Tournament: Come play X-Wing!  Bring a normal 100 point squad.   Entry $5, Swiss rounds based on attendance, prizes from the official Q4 2017 kit.

Magic Rivals of Ixalan: We have the full season worth of events for Rivals of Ixalan.  Set releases and packs go on sale Friday, January 19th.
Open House: Learn to play, brush up on the rules or strategy, or just hang out all day Saturday, January 6th to prepare for the prerelease.  Standard tournament at 1pm if demand warrants.  Play is free, event is $5.  Free learner deck to new players, and free alternate art promo card to all!
Prerelease: Play Sealed Deck with Rivals of Ixalan a week before the full release!  We’ve got two Saturday events, both individual Sealed Deck events for $25 entry, at noon and 6pm on January 13th.  Space is limited for both, so please RSVP by phone or email.  In Sealed Deck events, players get six booster packs to build a deck and battle with other players.  Prizes for each match you win.
Prerelease Party: New this year!  If we have any prerelease packs left over after the first two events, you’ll be able to get one for open play in the store.  Entry $25, first come first served.  Doors open at 11am.  Since this event relies on leftover prerelease product, we suggest calling the store Saturday after 6pm to make sure we’ll have some available.
Draft Weekend: Celebrate the full release with booster drafting!  Saturday January 20th we will run $15 booster drafts as they fill.  Aim to arrive by noon for the first draft.  All participants get a special promo card.
Standard Showdown: Show off your Standard deck weekly!  Saturdays between February 2nd and March 31st, our weekly Standard event at 1pm is enhanced with special Standard Showdown packs (assuming 8 attendees or more).  It is otherwise the same event – 3 or 4 Swiss rounds with prizes based on number of match wins.

Tabletop Games and Events