Our weekly event schedule is:

Wednesday: FATE RPG campaign.  Entry $2.  Space is limited, please RSVP via email.  Begins January 10th.
Thursday: Open Board Games, free entry, begins 6:00pm
Friday: Friday Night Magic Magic Booster Draft, $15, begins 6:30pm
Friday: Star Wars RPG.  $2 entry, begins 5:00pm.  Space is limited – please RSVP through the Facebook event or via email.
Saturday: Magic Standard tournament at 1pm, $5 entry.  Does not happen on Prerelease or Draft Weekend weekends (see below).  During the Standard Showdown season, this is our Standard Showdown event.
Sunday: D&D, $2 entry, begins 2:00pm

Upcoming Special Events

Store Championship Rivals of Ixalan: See out the Rivals of Ixalan season with a bang!  Bring your best Standard deck for a full tournament – Swiss rounds determined by attendance, with cut to elimination rounds.  Entry $5, starts at noon.  In addition to our normal prizes, all players get a special full-art promo card, with more for the top 8, and an exclusive playmat for the winner.

Magic Dominaria: We have the full season worth of events for Dominaria.  Set releases and packs go on sale Friday, April 27th
Open House: Learn Magic just in time for the new set!  Store veteran and retired educator Janet Johns will be offering free lessons, and we’ll provide a free deck!  Come by and learn, or bring interested friends.  Or come by and play casual all day.  Free promotional card to all attendees, any experience level.
Prerelease: Play Sealed Deck with Dominaria a week before the full release!  We’ve got two Saturday events on April 21st, an individual sealed deck event at noon, and a two-headed giant sealed deck event at 6pm.  We also have a Sunday event for the first time!  April 22nd we have our second individual sealed deck event at noon.  Entry for all events is $25 per player.  Space is limited, so please RSVP by phone or email.  In Sealed Deck events, players get six booster packs to build a deck and battle with other players.  The two-headed giant variant lets you play with a friend on a team of two, and you get 12 total packs to build from.  Prizes for each match you win, plus special promos.
Draft Weekend: Celebrate the full release with booster drafting!  Saturday, April 28th we will run $15 booster drafts as they fill.  Aim to arrive by noon for the first draft.  All participants get a special promo card.
Standard Showdown: Show off your Standard deck weekly!  Saturdays where we don’t have another special Magic event, our weekly Standard event at 1pm is enhanced with special Standard Showdown packs (assuming 8 attendees or more).  It is otherwise the same event – 3 or 4 Swiss rounds with prizes based on number of match wins.

Tabletop Games and Events