Our weekly event schedule is:

Wednesday: Magic Standard Constructed, $5 entry, round 1 begins 6:00pm
Thursday: Open Board Games, free entry, begins 6:00pm
Friday: Friday Night Magic Magic Booster Draft, $15, begins 6:30pm
Friday: Star Wars RPG.  $2 entry, begins 5:00pm.  Space is limited – please RSVP through the Facebook event or via email.
Sunday: D&D, $2 entry, begins 2:00pm

Upcoming Special Events

Magic Iconic Masters: Celebrate Iconic Masters with a booster draft!  The set releases on November 17th, and we’ll be running drafts as fill all Saturday the 18th, starting at noon.  Entry $35 (pack price is $9.99).

Star Wars Destiny Kit Event: Play Destiny for the contents of an official event kit!  November 25th at 1pm, entry $5.

Magic Unstable: Years in the making, Magic’s third silver-bordered joke set, Unstable, releases December 8th.  Packs are $3.99, boxes $100.  We will be hosting drafts all day on Saturday the 9th, beginning at noon, $15 entry.

Magic Ixalan: Featuring dinosaurs, pirates, and a Mesoamerican aesthetic, Ixalan is Magic’s brand-new world!  Here are the season’s remaining events:
Ixalan Standard Showdown: Standard Showdown runs on Saturdays beginning October 7th and running through December 24th.  Standard Showdown is a 4 round Standard event starting at 4pm with $5 entry.  In addition to store credit prizes, you can win special Standard Showdown packs which contain 2 rare or mythic rares from a currently legal Standard set and 1 foil of any rarity from a currently legal Standard set.
Ixalan Store Championship: Play for full-art promo cards and an exclusive Store Champion playmat in this special Standard event!  Entry $5.  Starts at Noon on December 30th.

Tabletop Games and Events