Our weekly event schedule is:

Wednesday: Magic Standard Constructed, $5 entry, round 1 begins 6:00pm
Thursday: Open Board Games, free entry, begins 6:00pm
Friday: Friday Night Magic Magic Booster Draft, $15, begins 6:30pm
Sunday: D&D, $2 entry, begins 2:00pm

Upcoming Special Events

Ixalan Standard Showdown: Standard Showdown runs on Saturdays beginning October 7th and running through December 24th.  Standard Showdown is a 4 round Standard event starting at 4pm with $5 entry.  In addition to store credit prizes, you can win special Standard Showdown packs which contain 2 rare or mythic rares from a currently legal Standard set and 1 foil of any rarity from a currently legal Standard set.

Magic Ixalan: Featuring dinosaurs, pirates, and a Mesoamerican aesthetic, Ixalan is Magic’s brand-new world!  Here’s what we’ve got for it:
Prerelease Tournaments: These Swiss-only events let you play for as long as you like, regardless of win/loss record.  They’re sealed deck events featuring Ixalan a week before it officially releases!  (Events Saturday 9/23, release the following Friday.)  We have an individual event at noon, and a two-headed giant (two person team) event at 6pm.  Both are $25 per player (so $50 per team for two-headed giant).  We expect these events to fill, so please contact the store to reserve your spot.
Draft Weekend: To celebrate Ixalan’s release, we’ll be running drafts as they fill all day on Saturday, September 30th.  Entry $15.  In addition to our usual draft prizes, you’ll get a special promo card if you play in at least one draft!
Ixalan League: Starting Thursday, October 5th, join the Ixalan league, a fun way to get casual games in!  You start with three Ixalan packs and unlock an additional pack to add to your deck every subsequent Thursday.  Build 30 card decks and battle whenever you like!  Entry $20, includes all six unlocked packs plus box and promo Unclaimed Territory card.

X-Wing Q2 Kit Tournament: This is an X-Wing tournament for the contents of an official Q2 2017 prize kit, plus store credit if attendance warrants.  Bring your 100 point squad and get ready to fly!  Saturday, October 7th.  Entry $5, event starts at 1:00 pm.

Star Wars Destiny Empire at War Release Tournament: Join us Sunday, September 24th to celebrate the release of the new Star Wars Destiny set!  Entry $5.  Prizes from the official kit.  Event begins at noon.

Tabletop Games and Events